Last night Californian two-piece Deap Vally bought their gloriously filthy brand of rock ‘n’ roll to London for the very first time. Not that you’d have been able to tell that it was their debut visit to these shores, mind; the Old Blue Last has rarely been so busy, with a ‘one in, one out’ policy being established long before the duo had even taken to the stage.

Although their set was short and explosive, there was much more to Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards than just raw ferocity. While speaking and laughing with the crowd in between songs, they were both charming, engaging and surprisingly mild-mannered, asking the audience to clarify the meaning of ‘yummy mummy’ (the response: “MILF!”) and to recommend them a good English beer (the reply: “Stella!”).

They had to contend with some seriously high expectations last night – but Deap Vally certainly didn’t disappoint.

Baby I Call Hell
Ain’t Fair
She’s a Wanderer
I Put A Spell On You
Gonna Make My Own Money
Your Love’s a Lie
End of the World