Brighton’s dashing electro-acoustic quintet The Miserable Rich have announced details of a new EP and some accompanying live dates. The Covers EP is set for release via Humble Soul on the 16th November.  To support the release, the band are heading out on a brief tour of the UK from the 15th October.

Following on from 2008’s strong debut Twelve Ways To Count, the Covers EP includes reworkings of alternative classics such as ‘Gigantic’ by The Pixies and ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics.

The Miserable Rich seem to attract a wealth of fantastical experiences and the inspiration for the Covers EP is no exception. Front-man James de Malplaquet (who also plays in Shoreline) cites his dalliance with a pop career as the dark past lurking behind this collection of covers, which was the precursor to forming The Miserable Rich. It seems that James nearly got fully subsumed into the big star-making pop machine, even getting to the stage where videos were shot and celebrity names recorded solos… Until disaster struck – as James recounts:

“In the end, I was rescued from certain credibility death by a polyp on my vocal chords. Too much singing and smoking. Now I couldn’t sing (not that that stops many) and couldn’t work. An operation, two months silence, two months whispering and a year off singing – it was all over. I learned a lot though. Oh, we argued – how could we not? – but the value of a classic pop song itself was never in dispute. Along the way, we butchered at least three of my favourite examples – one of which we have attempted a more sympathetic version of on this record.

The Miserable Rich are set to release a second album of brand new material in early 2010, more details of which are to follow shortly.

Covers EP Tracklisting:
‘Golden Brown’ – The Stranglers
‘Gigantic’ – Pixies
‘Shades’ – Iggy Pop
‘Sweet Dreams’ – Eurythmics

Live dates
Thursday 15th October @ The Glee Club, Birmingham with support from Babel and The Random Family
Friday 16th October 2009 @ The Library, Leeds with The Random Family and Ian Williams
Saturday 17th October @ St Brides Church, Liverpool with The Random Family
Sunday 18th October @ Sacred Trinity Church, Manchester with Table and The Random Family
Friday 23rd October @ The Croft, Bristol with Babel and The Random Family
Tuesday 3rd November Electroacoustic club @ The Slaughtered Lamb, London

We’ll be giving away tickets for every show on the tour next week! Keep your eyes peeled.