This Friday (17 September) St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein's mockumentary film The Nowhere Inn will be released in select cinemas and video on demand, and today (14 September), as Stereogum notes, the title-track from St. Vincent's score has been unveiled, with an accompanying video from the film's director Bill Benz.

The film will follow St. Vincent's most recent album Daddy's Home, and Sleater-Kinney's Path Of Wellness album.


  1. The Nowhere Inn
  2. Carrie Voicemail
  3. Palm Desert
  4. Carrie Wave
  5. Waiting On A Wave
  6. Opening Limo Scene
  7. Hallway Scene
  8. Rooftop
  9. Come To Jesus
  10. Downtempo Montage
  11. Sex Scene
  12. Board Room
  13. Spa Scene
  14. Tour Bus
  15. Carrie Off Bus
  16. Texas Intro
  17. Texas Choir
  18. Bacchanal
  19. Ending
"The Nowhere Inn" is out now. St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein's The Nowhere Inn film will be released Friday (17 September), and the soundtrack will follow on 19 September via Loma Vista.