Rough Trade, the UK Independent label founded and run by Geoff Travis and Jeannette Lee, have today joined the existing labels within the Beggars Group, following the purchase by Beggars of Sanctuary’s interest in the company.

This has been concluded in collaboration with the label’s founders and will result in Rough Trade continuing to operate out of their Golborne Road offices with the Beggars Group taking over central office functions.

The founders of both companies had this to say…

It has been a long and fitful journey from the time we were selling Lurkers singles in the Rough Trade shop on Kensington Park Road to this brand new partnership with Martin Mills and his Beggars Group.

It has been a road littered with bumps and crashes but nevertheless we have had many world class artists gracing our label.

Jeannette Lee and myself feel that history has bought us full circle and we know that this liaison will finally give the label the kind of stability, dynamism and expertise that will allow us to grow on a worldwide basis. We share a culture that is about our artists and their work.

To continue to be a wholly Independent label, with the support of the Beggars Group, is the best of all possible worlds to our way of thinking. We are genuinely excited about the future and the opportunity to bring new records and new artists to the world’s attention.
Geoff Travis & Jeannette Lee, Rough Trade

In our early days, I used to drive our new records over to the Rough Trade shop in Notting Hill. They’ve clearly been a crucial part of the UK independent scene since then, from the days of the Cartel and The Smiths, to The Strokes and Sufjan Stevens.

It was impossible to resist the appeal of combining their amazing musical heritage with ours. Adding them to everything that’s going on here for our existing group of record labels is a very exciting proposition.
Martin Mills, Beggars Group

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