"A.M. 180" originally featured on Grandaddy's 1997 debut album Under the Western Freeway.

Today (6 August) Canadian rockers PUP have released their cover of the Grandaddy track.

Drummer Zack Mykula says of their decision to cover the song, "Grandaddy are one of the unsung hero bands of indie rock. A best kept secret. I mean, forgive me for going ham, but this song is like a lily in an otherwise barren valley. An outstanding piece of songwriting, doing more with less than most any other song of the same caliber. So, that's why we decided to cover it."

Alongside their Grandaddy cover, PUP have announced the release of the next volume of their PUPTHEZINE, titled QUARANZINE. It'll feature cut-out PUP figurines, a postcard, guitar tabs for "Anaphylaxis", pedal board breakdowns, a flexi-disc of a ska song written during the pandemic, which PUP describe as "a truly unparalleled, transcendent musical masterpiece".

PUP's cover of Grandadd's "A.M. 180" is out now. Their QUARANZINE is available to order now.