Smith has explained his take on the track:

Peter's music brings an odd tension to the words on this song. There's a lightness to the plucked strings that made me think of the bleached-out sunlight of L.A. and I tried to pick phrases to match that. Once again, a sense of strangeness that might only occur to a non-native pervades the lyrics. I hadn't noticed how hairy palm trees are! In the US, the pavements are massive!"

The video was created by Chris Bate and features "reflections of light on water shot on 16mm film."

Kick back and press play. The pair will also embark on a mini-tour next month accompanied by a nine-piece band; find the dates after the video.


18 - Band on the Wall, Manchester 
19 - St Giles-in-the-Fields, London 
20 - Sage, Gateshead 

Frozen By Sight is out this week on Memphis Industries.