They've hopped back to Londres to give the basement of Birthdays a continental shake-up, boasting the wealth and talent of music 'made in France'.

That's right: not 'French music' per se, but 'music made in France'. A distinctly varied presentation, consisting of a foreign legion of universally appealing artists that range from wistful pop to cut-and-paste beats and noisy jagged rock. Sacrebleu indeed.

Hailing from Rouen, MNNQNS brought their anthemic, garage-punk strains to Birthdays. Tracks such as "Not What You Know" and "Wire" see the grunge-tinged band careen through walls of feedback and pummelling drums, one-minute sounding like Drenge; the next minute, MBV or Mudhoney.

SuperParka's coarse take on choppy breaks and R&B, sees his live band lace dream pop vocals and shifting stabs with pulsing bass and percussion – with a cover of Pharrell Williams' "Beautiful" making the bodies moves in Dalston's finest musty basement.

Finally Danish producer M.I.L.K. brings his melodic vocals and lightly-dusted pop, full of the effortlessness and colour of Jungle and Empire of The Sun, his unflinching "Slow Emotions" triggering an appreciative sway from the crowd, who can’t seem to get close enough to the rising dream pop star.

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Photo of M.I.L.K. by peachphoto