It's called, quite gothically, A Séance Of Dark Delusions, and it's set for a 6 April release on Kscope.

The kind post-rocking souls that they are, the band have have also unfurled the lead single, "Rapture", featuring the vocal stylings of Beth Cannon. 

In true Nordic Giants fashion, they sweep you off of your feet with monolithic walls of noise. It's wholly dramatic, operatic rock, veering away from focal electronics that other post-rock acts have veered towards in recent years, with the group opting instead for torrents of strings, chiming keys, Gatling gun-percussion, waves of distortion and a plethora of embellished sounds. They don't just create music to sink into, or aural pleasures to get lost in, Nordic Giants summon a whole new world to transport you to, and they've no intention of letting you leave.

The album will be on sale digitally, as a CD/DVD package (including the Nordic Giants digital mapping experience and bonus content), and also as a gatefold LP. It features guest spots from Saturday Sun, Nadine Wild Palmer, Freyja, and, obviously, Beth Cannon.

Stream "Rapture (ft. Beth Cannon)" below, and then check out the album's teaser trailer afterwards.