Back in April Music Venue Trust launched the #SaveOurVenues campaign in response to the coronavirus pandemic that halted live shows, leaving hundreds of grassroots music venues around the country in need of financial aid to stay afloat.

In their end-of-year statement released yesterday (21 December), Music Venue Trust wrote that they "feel it is important to take a moment to acknowledge all the remarkable work that has been done this year to shield our community from the worst possible outcome of this pandemic, and to thank all of the people who made that possible."

The organisation revealed that Music Venue Trust has been able to support 920 Music Venues Alliance members during the pandemic, and has raised a staggering £3,872,512 via the #SaveOurVenues campaign so far.

Music Venue Trust's statement added, "This year, more than any other, we are reminded of the words of Joe Strummer, who said 'Without people, you're nothing'. Our community has responded to this crisis with extraordinary passion and commitment. You are our people, and that means everything to us and to the venues."

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