Summer 2020 is the first Paul Institute project to be released this year, and features A. K. Paul's July single "Be Honest".

The EP features tracks from Ruthven, Fabiana Palladino, Pen Pals, and 2018 label additions HIRA and REINEN.

A. K. Paul says of the release, "I'm really happy we're releasing new music with Paul Institute this summer. It's been a while coming and the last couple of years have been perilous at times for PI, particularly because of a legal fight that set us back. So besides it being sick music, to return with such a strong set of releases feels like a vindication of our rights as artists too."

Earlier today (4 August), members of the Paul Institute hosted a one-off special broadcast on Apple Music titled Paul Institute: Magical Thinking, which previewed more new music from the Paul Institute roster.


  1. A. K. Paul - Be Honest
  2. Hira - Unreal
  3. REINEN - Shadow Knight
  4. Ruthven - Have You Decided?
  5. Fabiana Palladino - Waiting
  6. Pen Pals - Dynasty
Paul Institute's Summer 2020 EP is out now.