"Mr. Child" is the first taster of Styles We Paid For, which will follow on from Guided By Voices' previous 2020 albums Mirrored Aztec and Surrender Your Poppy Field.

Vocalist Robert Pollard told Rolling Stone of the LP, "I finished the demos on February 29th and sent them to the band. I was planning on an all-analog album entitled Before Computers. The pandemic obviously changed our recording plans and ironically it was all recorded digitally on computers. The band members recorded their parts in isolation in five different states."

Guitarist Doug Gillard recorded his parts in New York, while Kevin March contributed drums from New Jersey. Mark Shue played his bass in Virginia, Bobby Bare Jr. recorded guitar parts from Tennessee, and Pollard captured his vocals in Ohio.

"Mr. Child" is out now. Guided By Voices' Styles We Paid For album will be released via Rockathon Records on 11 December, and is available to pre-order now.