So far Russell has shared two singles from FRIDAY FOREVER - Berwyn and Maria Somerville collaboration "10:51PM / THE NIGHT", and "12:12AM / PATIENTS (FUCKING UP A FRIDAY)" which features Aitch and Infinite Coles.

Today (25 February), Russell has shared news of his second Everything Is Recorded album, which arrives with new track "03:15AM/CAVIAR" - a collaboration featuring Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah and Infinite Coles.

FRIDAY FOREVER was recorded in Russell’s Copper House studio in London, and will feature collaborations with A.K. Paul, Flohio, James Massiah, Kean Kavanagh, and Penny Rimbaud of Crass.

It'll follow on from Russell's 2018 self-titled debut, and tells a story with music that starts at 9:46 PM on a Friday night, and finishes at 11:59 AM the next morning.


  1. 09:46PM/EVERY FRIDAY THEREAFTER (Intro) (feat. Maria Somerville & Berwyn)
  2. 10:51PM/THE NIGHT (feat. Berwyn & Maria Somerville)
  3. 12:12AM/PATIENTS (FUCKING UP A FRIDAY) (feat. Aitch & Infinite Coles)
  4. 01:32AM/WALK ALONE (feat. Infinite Coles & Berwyn)
  5. 02:56AM/I DONT WANT THIS FEELING TO STOP (feat. Flohio)
  6. 03:15AM/CAVIAR (feat. Ghostface Killah & Infinite Coles)
  7. 04:21AM/THAT SKY (feat. Maria Somerville & James Massiah)
  8. 05:10AM/DREAM I NEVER HAD (feat. A. K. Paul)
  9. 09:35AM/PRETENDING NOTHINGS WRONG (feat. Kean Kavanagh)
  10. 10:02AM/BURNT TOAST (feat. Berwyn & A. K. Paul)
  11. 11:55AM/THIS WORLD (feat. Infinite Coles & Maria Somerville)
  12. 11:59AM/CIRCLES (Outro) (feat. Penny Rimbaud)
"03:15AM/CAVIAR" featuring Ghostface Killah and Infinite Coles is out now. Everything Is Recorded's FRIDAY FOREVER album lands 3 April via XL Recordings, and is available to pre-order now.