Last week the US Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, a landmark ruling in 1973 that allowed women to choose to have an abortion, and in a new video shared by the Fiona Apple Rocks fan channel, Fiona Apple discussed the decision, and how it's "all about control".

Apple said, "Yesterday was yesterday, today is today. I'm doing a post so, I gotta talk about this. I think that's what we all have to do. We have to talk about how we feel about this, how unacceptable this is, have to keep expressing ourselves because this is just all about control. You know that. It’s all about control. It’s not about life. It’s about control. It’s about control of women, about control of our bodies, about taking our control of our own bodies away, about taking our autonomy and our privacy and our agency away, taking our choices about what we can do with our lives away."

Later in the clip, Apple said "this isn't the end, at all", and added that she won't be "giving money to politicians", and will donate "directly to abortion funds and bail funds."

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