To celebrate the launch of our new Oh! Canada column, we thought it was only right that you should get to hear just what it is thats getting us so excited about what’s coming out of the “Great White North” right now. While we all know about the Broken Social Scene’s, Arcade Fire’s and Fiest’s of the world, TLOBF will be searching the grass routes to bring you the best up and coming Canadian talents. Over the next few months you will find reviews and interviews of all of the artists featured here, so, without further ado, we present:

1. Andrew Vincent – Canadian Dream
2. Ultimate Power Duo – Jack The Space/ Time Continuum Ripper
3. Ohbijou – Intro To Season
4. Dan Mangan – Robots
5. Timber Timbre – Lay Down In The Tall Grass
6. The Michael Parks – I Like The Summer
7. Pale Air Singers –  Convict Escapes
8. Jim Bryson – Pissing On Everything (Live)
9. Bruce Peninsula – Steamroller
10. No Horses – Grab Yer Coat
11. The Provincial Archive – We Work Better
12. Forest City Lovers – Sudden Seas
13. The D’Urbervilles – Dragnet
14. Zeus – I Know
15. Hey Rosetta! – There’s An Arc
16. The Wind Whistles – Judo
17. The Weather Station – Coming Into Town
18. Ghost Bees – Vampires of The West Coast
19. Braids – Lemonade

Oh! Canada Volume 1
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TLOBF would like to thank all of the bands and labels who have given us their music to share with you. If you like what you are hearing, get in touch and let us (and them) know.