Back in March, Bugzy Malone shared an update from hospital after he was involved in a serious motorcycle crash in Bury.

At the start of the week, the rapper returned to social media, and shared a snippet of a new verse about the crash.

Last night (6 August) Bugzy Malone uploaded "M.E.N III", the full song of the teaser he shared previously.

In the song, the rapper reveals some complications that occurred because of the crash, "I was on the ward slowly healing / lay on the bed and my chest was beating / the blood clot passed through my heart / and into my lungs / and the pain was a deeper feeling / I shouted for the nurse I could feel myself leaking / with a face full of sweat / could barely catch my breath / even though I knew I was hanging by a thread / I told the nurse that there's no way i'm dying on this bed / fuck that."

"M.E.N III" is Bugzy's first new single since February's "Boxes Of Bush", and follows on from his previous "M.E.N" singles.

Bugzy Malone's "M.E.N III" single is out now.