As Deadline reports, K-POPS! is a dramatic comedy that will see .Paak play a "washed-up musician" that travels to Korea to be a songwriter for K-pop acts. While there, .Paak's character discovers his long-lost son (Soul Rasheed) is set to front one of the country's rising groups.

"My mom is from Korea but she was adopted so I never knew anything about my Korean heritage until I met my wife," .Paak said in a statement. "This movie is a reflection on my experience learning about this part of myself alongside my wife and son – and spending even more time with them! I knew this would be something I should write and direct, and Stampede Ventures took a chance and trusted that I could pull this off. I’m excited to bring it to the big screen."

Rapper Jon "Dumbfoundead" Park, who helped to develop the project with .Paak said, "As a long time friend of Anderson's I’ve seen him expand his creative vision time and time again. I’m excited for my production company Big Dummie to be a part of of this unique story that brings together and celebrates Black and Asian culture through the love of music. I also can’t wait for the world to meet his son, Soul Rasheed who I know everyone is going to love!"

Stampede Ventures' CEO and founder Greg Silverman added, "Anderson .Paak is a trailblazer by nature, whose amazing work will naturally translate onto the big screen for feature films. He is a monster talent with a huge heart and a bigger smile. This is just the beginning for this superstar."

Production on K-POPS! is due to begin towards the end of 2022.

Last week Anderson .Paak teamed up with Budweiser to release a new song titled "Yours To Take".