Following on from "Xxoplex" and "Oh Yeah", "Beautiful Superstar" is a final preview of Apple before it drops in full on Friday (18 September).

The new track fuses titles of songs from earlier in his career - his 2014 debut single "Beautiful", and 2016's "Superstar".

A. G. Cook says of the new single, "The two tracks have become very defined moments for me, presenting specific and personal flavours of PC Music. As one of the last tracks I finished for Apple, "Beautiful Superstar" started as an attempt to craft a very direct, almost traditional song, but I found myself haunted by my debut singles. Building on strange nostalgic memories, it became fitting to reference the past – my old concepts of the ‘future’ – and weave those melodies into something that could say more than words."

Apple will follow on from last month's 49-track 7G album.

Speaking about his new LP, Cook says, "Apple is my own take on Personal Computer Music. I've always been interested in the blurred line between bedroom and professional studio production, and at what point a personality either gets created or accidentally takes shape. For me there's a great sense of freedom in combining something slick with something naive - a reality where anything could happen. In calling the album Apple, I wanted to draw attention to one of the simplest, most everyday objects, which somehow contains references to almost everything imaginable - from computers to The Beatles, New York to Snow White, and an entire world of history and mythology. A little free advertising doesn't hurt."

"Beautiful Superstar" is out now. A. G. Cook's Apple album will be released on Friday (18 September), and is available to pre-order now.