Mangia's recent Night Safari LP is his first in his six years, following 2008's Drawn In Basic, and it's out now via Bad Panda/Folk Wisdom. You can order it here.

"Honey" is the latest track to be released from the album. It features Iokoi on vocals - who's part of a cadre of guests on the record (including Clap Clap!, Cuushe and more) - and Mangia's trademark style of using cosmopolitan field recordings to create subtle, affecting electro-pop. He's implemented snippets of "hidden records, African poly-rhythms and kraut synths" in his latest output, and "Honey" sees the Populous touch create a slowly-blooming paean. It's got exotic flourishes and warm synth-based energy; it sounds like it could be an opiate-addled Is Tropical schlubbing through the sonic underworld before eventually clambering towards the morning light.

Explaining the narrative of the beautifully-shot video, Mangia says:

"Lukas is a 15-year-old boy. He has been practising swimming at a competitive level since he was a child. He enjoys swimming early in the morning when nobody is in the pool besides Cathy. Lukas spends his nights writing letters as he's not able to build a real relationship with her."

Watch below.