This is what happens when you let me out into the Countryside: I come back shouting about lots of folk and rural music (see Skinny Lister). But saying Stealing Sheep are a whim would do them a disservice. Their What If The Lights Went Out EP is full of these wonderful acoustic-pop gems of brilliance. The press pack itself is worth seeing: a disguise kit, some wrapping paper (probably the PR, but it looks nice) and that’s before you’ve even played the music.

‘Hole In The Water’ can trace its ancestry through the entire history of British “pop” music. There’s hints of The Beatles in the chorus, as it shifts tact and produces some wild, bouncing, almost child-like rhythms. This compared to the rest of the track, which is a morose, slow, acoustic ballad with an aching cello and violin. The entire EP follows this similar path. The world seen through sets of shifting eyes, slowly cycling through childhood and the scary reality of adulthood. Perhaps Stealing Sheep IS the only answer…

Stealing Sheep: ‘Hole In The Water’