If you haven’t heard of Best Coast by now then you may as well give up listening to music. The duo’s debut album Crazy For You was one of 2010’s biggest hits and adorned many an end of year list, including receiving a coveted ‘recommended’ badge from this very website.

It’s with obvious excitement that we broach the band’s newest recording, part of a split 7” with Wavves which was released January 11 ahead of the two bands going on tour in North America. ‘When You Wake Up’ is typical Best Coast, combining a summery wall of sound with Bethany’s lovelorn vocals. “Tell me you love me / even if you don’t” she swoons over the verse, before lamenting the fact that “it’s always eleven thirty / when you wake up” over some of the band’s most impressive drumming to date.

You could stick this at the end of the album without noticing too much of a difference, and while a lack of change can often hinder bands it’s refreshing to see that Best Coast can continue to keep up such high standards even with the amount of expectation now on their shoulders.

Best Coast: ‘When You Wake Up’