The jittery repetition of suspenseful plucked staccato is mellowed by the gradual introduction of the utterly lavish choral sections and plush strings on the exquisitely-produced “L.A.”

Kyan originally wrote “L.A.” as a love letter to try to win back his then-girlfriend, after being broken up with and dropped by a record label on the same day.

"'L.A.' was never a song I considered would be heard by anyone,” says Kyan, “it was my attempt to try and get a response from my girlfriend. I thought if I sent the words in a song to tell her what I was feeling, perhaps that might provoke a response.

“I look back at my Instagram from that time and the juxtaposition between what I was posting on social media in comparison to how I was feeling is so stark. On the surface I was off to Los Angeles for an incredible trip, meeting the heads of conglomerates, working with multi Grammy-award-winning producers… But on the flip side I was broken and trying to escape after the two biggest losses of my life."

"L.A." is out tomorrow. Find Kyan on Facebook.