Making her mark with the understated, ambient chamber pop of tracks “Runs and Rides” and breakthrough Catfish-synced hit “Thighs”, her newest outing marks a minor reinvention for the Australian expat. Eschewing much of the rippling electronica of previous efforts, “Godspeed” is no less moody thanks to E.PARKER's hushed tones, taking blood from the vein of storytelling raconteur Lana Del Rey with lyrics of undulated decadence and masochistic obsession.

"I left Australia when I was 18 to make music in London," says E.PARKER. "I was very lost at the time, bought a one way ticket and didn’t go back home for almost four years. I wrote “Godspeed” recently, as a letter to that version of myself, because I’m proud of that girl and the journey she’s had. I hope that the track can resonate with anyone else who is on the edge and about to take a chance, because I’ve come to learn that it’s always worth it.”

“The world is your oyster / sipping on oysters / American dreams,” muses the singer over an unknown other, her voice twisting effortlessly in lucid rapture over sparse percussion, restrained guitar plucking and breathtaking strings. “Life can be wild / kill ‘em all with a smile / we’ll sail away, far away, far from the maddening crowds”. Whether it be a rumination of unabashed longing or a bolstering statement of self-worth and intent, “Godspeed” is an obstinate affirmation by an artist just coming into her own.

‘Godspeed’ is out 5th December. Find E.PARKER on Instagram.