On her new track “All I’ve Known”, LA-based A.O. Gerber's slowly-meandering verses are remedial soundbites that play both fancifully and earnestly, like pooh sticks commentating on the current that’s taking them further downstream.

“I wrote this song almost four years ago,” she says, “but it's coincidentally very much about feeling socially and emotionally isolated. I was thinking a lot about how we're all inevitably doomed to repeat situations that feel familiar and safe to us, even if they don't feel good. This song is about trying to do things differently but recognizing you don't have a model for what that looks like.”

You can almost hear the wind rushing through Gerber’s vocals as her hushed and grainy multi-track builds into a radiating and plaintive lullaby. File next to Angel Olsen, sure, but propped by backwoods folk and heavy-lidded ambience that sounds very much of her own making.

Her debut full-length Another Place To Need will follow this summer, and Gerber says, “It’s about fantasy and loneliness, and about how living in the fiction of your own head can make you lonely.”

A.O. Gerber will take over Best Fit’s Instagram for an OFF THE ROAD live broadcast this Saturday 25 April at 6:30pm.

"All I've Known" is out now and Another Place to Need will release 22 May via Hand In Hive/Copper Mouth Records, available to pre-order and pre-save now. Find A.O. Gerber on Instagram.