Accompanied on the EP by previous singles "Confession" and "Times Like This" alongside the bitter ruminations of new effort "I Didn’t Do What You Say", "Glorious" is the definition of a “slow burn”.

As is RINNGS’ signature marriage of percussion and vocal, understated beats introduce Karl Zine’s pinched falsetto, barely reaching above a whisper whilst choral harmonies dawning from below escalate to the point of heavenly euphoria.

“Nai [Jannson, the other half to RINNGS] has a soft spot for a decent house tune,” shares Zine. “And "Glorious" looks to encapsulate that moment of euphoria which can surge through you when everything aligns. We loved the idea of adding some big drops in there to give everyone a nice moment of release for those long summer evenings. The song is really about chasing those highs, where you forget about the real world for a minute and are living in the moment. [“Glorious”] was a favourite expression of a close friend of ours who died a couple of years back and it felt kind of fitting to have it sung by a huge choir.”

We caught up with RINNGS to learn more about the new EP and what's next for the heavenly duo.

BEST FIT: The idea for RINNGS was cemented on a transatlantic flight. That sounds pretty serendipitous- what made the two of you click?
Karl Zine: "Well, we’d met before and had talked about doing something together one day, but like a lot of these things it hadn’t happened yet. The flight just gave us a good few hours to chat about it and come up with some ideas as to what it might be and the sort of music we wanted to make. It’s amazing what you come up with when you mix thin air and white wine!"

Your music is pretty unique in that you create tracks with only percussion and vocals. How did you incorporate both of your pre-existing musical experience to make a cohesive sound?
"My background was drumming and Nai ran a few choirs around London. When we came up with the idea of doing something, we deliberately wanted to set some kind of limitations on what it would sound like so that we didn’t have to ‘search for a sound’. These days with computers etc it can be hard to finish songs cause there are unlimited options and - if you can work on a laptop - sometimes unlimited time too, both of which are pretty uninspiring things for being creative."

How did you bring such methods into the creation of "Glorious’" - both the track and as a whole EP?
"We hadn’t done a ‘gospel choir’ type chorus yet and it felt like that would fit nicely with a more euphoric tune like ‘Glorious’. The EP has a couple of more introspective tunes on it, so we wanted this one to act as a kind of release to those."

You’ve had a busy twelve months or so, releasing killer track after killer track, only going to further hone the personality of your music. How does it feel to have this collection out in the world?
"It feels great! It’s been a lot of work, especially because we’ve been doing everything ourselves and we’re really proud of what we’ve done so far and are really looking forward to making the album next."

What do you hope people will take from your new EP?
"Obviously, the main thing is that we want people to love the music and for the lyrics and for the stories to connect. We’re great believers in only writing songs if you have something to say, so we hope that comes across in the EP."

Glorious is out now.