Best Fit is pleased to offer the first glimpse of Moonbow’s latest, sophomore EP Before Afterthoughts.  The EP retains the dreamy Eastern influences of debut EP Chiaroscuro, but ratchets up the tempos and dynamics, Hardwick’s composition skills evidently progressing by leaps and bounds as she deftly balances atmospherics with newfound dancefloor-ready beats.

Hardwick continually grapples with the notion of identity thus far through her Moonbow work, a theme exercised not only lyrically but also through the pair’s vocal track experimentation and chameleonic arrangements:

“The overriding themes of Before Afterthoughts deal with authentic self, self-reflection and memory. [The tracks] address the struggle of being a young person today and what has to be sacrificed in order to find inner peace, detachment from a past self, and individuals’ needs to do cruel things in order to look after their own sanity”

Before Afterthoughts will be available digitally later this month courtesy of Moonbow’s Bandcamp page.  Catch the collective live 27 January at Moth Club in London celebrating the release of a new photo book featuring Hardwick's visual works.  Stream the EP in its entirety below.

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