"Girl" follows "Mistakes" and "Pangs" and sets up Mined - aka Tooting-born "philomath and molecular biologist" Kofi Holmes Attivor - as a talent to keep two eyes trained on. Inspired by Brian Eno and Majical Cloudz as much as his parents' classic R&B and soul records, Attivor makes music quite unlike anything else.

Mined continues his sonic journey with "Girl", meshing electronica soundscapes with melody-rich pop vocals, but advances his own formula by cutting through the misty, ambient-inspired textures to let the hooks shine. The song is a crystalline sliver of sound that strikes deep and fast, hitting nerves and squishier bits as it worms its way through your body, each beat reverberating around your head and each synth blip sizzling on your skin - "Girl" is a vital listen.

The Rest (Little Simz, Kojey Radical) have crafted the visual accompaniment.

"The song is about two different relationships," explains Attivor. "The first is a relationship that is dependent on the physical aspects neglecting the emotional, and about someone who isn't happy about it but gives in to it anyway ('love me like you do in the dark, love me anyway you want'). The second relationship is long distance and the lyrics are about maintaining trust and the worries and difficulties that come with that ('I know its tough to relax, but I swear I'll tell you all of the facts’)."

"Girl" is out 7 July Peacefrog Records.