Purposefully released today, on Juneteenth, the holiday which commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the US, rum.gold is currently back up in Washington DC staying with grandparents. Having moved back there at the height of the protests "Fix Me" was composed back in Brooklyn.

This new, stripped-back track follows the year’s aiMless EP which was lead by an incredible collaboration with acclaimed Chicago singer/songwriter Jamila Woods. rum.gold’s sound is always evolving but always led by the beauty of his voice and that rich falsetto.

Once again, “Fix Me” lets his voice really shine – with just an acoustic guitar to occasionally complement his impressive melodies. Written at home in his Brooklyn apartment during lockdown, the song begins to discuss the feelings which came with this period of isolation.

“Fix Me is the result of spending a lot of time alone,” he explains. “Definitely learned the hard way but, it’s the realisation that just because you want someone in your life, doesn’t always mean they should be.” The lyrics speak for themselves; “you can't be my northern star, when you're the reason home seems so far.” And the fading siren at the end of the track? Surely that's no coincidence.

"Fix Me" is out now. Find rum.gold on Instagram.