Wrapped up in a world of their own New York's Crush Club release second single "We Dance" today. Inspired by house and funk and adding a little Latin flair with the percussion the band's goal is for you, the listener, "to be bold, sexy and reckless."

For Crush Club music is much more than someone you should enjoy on your, it's something you should, something which you should live. The band talk about the track with an invogorating passion laced in metaphor: "You regain consciousness and realize you’re surrounded by predators. In a panic, you desperately search for a way out, but there isn’t one. Danger is closing in and just before the fatal blow you jump into the air with all your strength. To your surprise, you go higher and higher, never coming down. Overcome with relief, you start to dance midair."

The uplifting track will definitely get you moving, however we're not sure if will lift you up enough to actually get you dancing midair. This is definitely something you should turn up loud and get blasting out loud for an instant pick-me-up.

"We Dance" is out now.