He's enlisted the help of Stockholm's Newtimers, and the latest Best Fit Recordings signee, Ji Nilsson. You can watch her recent "Encore" video here.

The track borrows a shot of swagger from Robyn's "Cobrastyle", but blends it with emotive pop refrains and sparkling snare rolls - it's not a subtle entrance to the EP, but rather a grand statement of stylistic intent. Parment designed the track as "emotional dancehall"; you can dance to it until the sun rises, but don't expect to leave dry-eyed.

Explaining the Late EP, Parment says: 

“Nao, John Wizards, TĀLĀ, Darkside, Joe, Wilfred Giroux and Joy Orbison are a few people that I listened to quite a bit... 'Late’ is my attempt to make an emotional dancehall track, while ‘Don't Say It’ is about trying to keep a positive attitude in a hostile environment. With ‘Marble Coast’, an early version of the beat started out as the outro of the Children of the Snow tape as a part of a remix for Duvchi’s ‘Turtleduvs’ and I thought it deserved an extension.”

Saturday, Monday's new EP Late will be out via Despotz on 23 March.

Stream the title track below. The EP's tracklist can be found afterwards.


1. Late (ft. Newtimers and Ji Nilsson)
2. Marble Coast (ft. Brolin)
3. Don’t Say It