It’s easy to see why the Irishman found himself on remix duty for such an impressive spread of artists, and his creation of an eerie, heady and blissfully hypnotic bed for Fiona Jane’s typically poignant and characteristic vocal certainly brings to mind the qualities of the aforementioned SOHN.

There is something Total Life Forever about the track too, as the bending guitar line winds its way amongst Jane’s voice, a relentless clicking rhythm and a wash of hushed synths. The touching, subtextual melancholy is heightened by the whispered lines of “I believe you / I believed in you.”

Streaming below as a Best Fit Premiere, this latest track leaves REIDS reputation anything but “Tarnished”; effortlessly elegantly stuff.

“Tarnished” feat. Woman’s Hour is out 4 August and is taken from REID’s Fractures EP released the following week on M:UK Records.