Having suffered a brutal attack a few years back (she was the victim of an unprovoked assault by a deranged woman) Holt was left needing a series of operations which subsequently saved her sight. Despite this set back, she is back and ready to take back the critical acclaim she worked so hard for back in 2013.

Speaking about the track, Holt says: "Spit is loneliness in the connected age. Spit is the violence of the act. Spit is scrolling on your phone and then waking in a haze and thinking, 'who was that girl?' Spit is raising its dead heart and belting it out. Spit on a stranger because the biggest victories are in the smallest things. You’re just about done with what we have to tell you. Spit."

With an uncompromising vocal style which beckons you in with sweet R&B tones, Holt defies convention by twisting and transforming traditional melodies, proving once again on “Spit” that she is an artist to watch closely. With the music and lyrics conjuring themes of loneliness, darkness, and romance, “Spit” is an explosive return from an explosive artist.

Holt plays Edinburgh's Hidden Door on 3 June.

You can listen “Spit” below.