In stark contrast to his previous enervated and hazy offerings, Welsh-born John James Davies, aka L.A. Peach, is back with a more sinister and foreboding sound.

You could be forgiven for thinking that “I Can Remember Where You Are” is another bleeding heart love song – twanging guitars and brusque vocals aplenty, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find something a lot more unusual and ominous.

In a scene that could easily form part of a Killing Eve storyline; Davies explains that “it’s a song about love – a person loves another person so much that he kidnaps her and steals her skin… the scariest part is I remember staring into my partner’s eyes as we sat on the bed whilst I wrote it.”

Urgent and calculous yet ultimately still melodic and soulful, strident strumming accompanies Davies’ unique raconteur capabilities in a similar vein to Father John Misty and Kurt Vile, and follows a bunch of shows with the likes of Trudy and the Romance, Walt Disco and Drugdealer.

“I Can Remember Where You Are” is released today via Sad Club Records. Find L.A. Peach on Facebook.