Based in L.A. the six-piece fuse dour post-punk motifs with glimmering neon-lit indie-pop. It's swaggering, dark, and infectious - they can't help but fire off massive hooks left, right, and centre during the EP's five tracks. The shimmering fire of "La Belle Femme" is particularly impressive, lurking in the grey zone between The 1975 and SoCal sun. 

Led by Jason Yarger, who expanded the project from a solo venture, HUNNY cite Prince, The Cure, and '80s post-punk as influences. Speaking about the EP, they say, succinctly: "We've been sitting on these for a while and it's about damn time. Hi mom."

HUNNY are supporting The Neighbourhood and Bad Suns across North America at the moment.

Pain/Ache/Loving is out tomorrow (9 October) via B3SCI.

Stream the EP below.