The songs come as two different sides to the same coin, as j.ember explains "I decided to release the records in an A/B format. 'Parallel' and 'Lines' represent two halves of a story all of us are familiar with. 'Parallel' being the excitement and 'Lines' the downfall."

"Parallel" opens with a light, psychedelic guitar lick that swirls before a huge beat suddenly soars into the picture, adding another further dimension to the track that hopscotches around genres, refusing to be pinned down. With a twinkle of Tame Impala-appeal, j.ember skilfully melds together a range of moods and techniques in gloriously entrancing fashion, painting a picture of anticipation and telling the first part of the story.

"Lines" is intrinsicly linked to "Parallel", reflecting another mood, based mainly around a bouncing guitar riff and j.ember's airy, reflective vocals. It rejects the heavy, swirling psychedelica of "Parallel", and is instead a slower, more introspective offering that exemplifies j.ember's ability to glide through genres and techniques.

"Both lyrically and musically, 'Lines' captures a more reflective mood," Says j.ember of the track. "We couldn't find any drums that fit with the slightly off time guitar part so I decided to hit my legs and record it - 'Lap-drumming.' We ended up editing the lap drums, turned them into the verse drums. 'Lines' combines elements of hip-hop, jazz, and psychedelic rock. I made this record with Losh and Matt Kahane."

"Parallel / Lines" is out now and available to listen to on Spotify.