This nod to both the established and the future is a reflection of the tone of the song as a whole. Vocalist Joe Tennant delivers a stream of brief descriptions of events previous as well as references to what’s to come, with mentions of both space ships and old war heroes reflective of the duality at play.

On the new single, Tennant says: "It’s part truth and part fantasy, moving forward with retrospection, glimpses of the past and of the future. Living in your imagination often seems just as real as living in the ‘real world’ to me. It reminds me of what you see before you die, or at least how that scenario is often portrayed in movies, and we wanted it to sound sonically as if opening up portals to different worlds and different time periods."

The band are playing at The Waiting Room on 21 August to celebrate the release of the new single.

"Achtung Heroes" is out July 18 on Fauna Records.