Reminiscent of Thundercat and Flying Lotus, “Pointless” is a heavy and sticky song from Roche Musique signees Duñe x Crayon, with smooth R&B beats drawing the listener on to a hypnotic plane which is as entertaining as it is addictive.

The track's accompanying video, directed by Alice Kong, is a surrealist expanse centring on Ichon as a man who obsessively grows flowers and feverishly trades them for sex, playing on the symbolism used on French escort websites, with one rose being worth one euro. The narrative seeps into the audio, the voices of gendarmes and eerie sci-fi tinged silence add to the feelings of unreality.

Alice Kong expands on the concept: “His ambition quickly becomes an obsession, growing roses throughout his apartment, between cables, in his sink, through his mattress, etc. The more the roses grow, the more the metaphor of the flower becomes synonymous with any other vice: money or drugs, leading for addiction.”

These are themes that will weave through the entire album, making “Pointless” the perfect introduction to an album that's shaping up to be not only an exercise in sonic experimentation, but emotive narration.

“Pointless” is out today via Roche Musique and Hundred Fifty Roses will release in April. Find Duñe on Instagram, Crayon on Instagram and Ichon on Instagram.