Premiering on The Line Of Best Fit a day before its release as part of Draper’s upcoming Luminous EP, "I.O.U" has a glimmer of the tropical pop sound that took over last year. It follows last year’s string of singles, including a high-octane collaboration with prolific songwriter BB Diamond as well as standalone “Break Over You” with Glasgow’s Prides.

Draper explains “[the] synthy melodic wobs and an ET-esque vocal sample make this one of my favourites from my EP,” calling it “the real sound of 2017”. Having worked with Kyko before, the pair use “I.O.U” to discuss how some failings in a relationship can and should be overlooked because at one point things worked just fine, and sometimes you just have to remember that.

Draper’s EP Luminous is out 13 January via M:UK.