Comprised of identical twins Mana and Kana and their close friends Yuna and Yuuki, CHAI are an explosive unit of kaleidoscopic energy. "N.E.O." comes alongside the announcement of the UK release of their debut album PINK, which is due to be released on 12 October via Heavenly Recordings.

The song perfectly introduces CHAI's mission statement, where they constantly challenge the mundane and instead explore the bizarre, the futuristic and celebrate the outright weird. It's brash, ecstatic and absolutely absorbing in its boundless and vibrant experimentation that bounces is threaded with a garage rock sensibility but explodes with the colour of bubblegum-pop.

Explaining the celebration of individuality that lies behind the track, CHAI say “Everyone, if we could be exactly who we are, that would be great, right? Worrying is normal, you know? Complexes are individuality. Complexes are art. Kawaii is a never-ending journey! This is “N.E.O. Kawaii”!!!!! Enjoy.”

Catch CHAI supporting Superorganism on their upcoming UK tour.