Nicolai Kornerup and Hannah Schneider have already released the brilliant "Sommer" and "Newcross", and latest track "RUS" is a passionate and claustrophobic synth jam which shows endless potential for the band.

Explaining the track's meaning to us, Schneider reveals that "'RUS' means intoxication in Danish, and to us, this song is about escaping the walls that you’re surrounded by and give in to the unknown. It is a song about the first sparkles of infatuation, and the dizzy uncertainty of what’s to come." As synths buzz and treated beats create a sense of foreboding, Schneider's cooing vocals reveal that feeling of being on the edge, about to fall into something which could be incredible, and being willing to take that chance. Schneider encapsulates that rush, and it's a thrill.

Kornerup adds "I played 'RUS' for a friend. She can feel ASMR, which is a tickling sensation in the brain and the body that some people can sense when they hear certain things like the sound of someone whispering or running water. She instantly said that 'RUS' was giving her this feeling, a happy sensation.”

"RUS" will be available on 24 February.