A concise snapshot of what’s been getting us – and you – excited in the world of music these last seven days.

An exciting July so far for new and returning bands, we started the week with the return of the mighty I Break Horses. Maria Linden’s first track in a what seems like a very long time gave us hints of what we can expect from the band’s sophomore record. Retaining the euphorically textural elements that Linden has made her leitmotif, ‘Denial’ draws from beyond the influence of the band’s first record, delving into analogue electronics and jittery vocal cuts. Indeed, Linden’s voice is stronger and more central than ever before.

Back in April we were treated to the first fruits of new material from Monument Valley, the alias of songwriter Ned Younger. He returned with a perfectly apt follow-up track that also sees the return of Kerry Leatham (Peter & Kerry, Lapalux) on guest vocal duties. ‘Walking Home’ is a paean to friendship and how the walk home after a heavy night out can unexpectedly be more memorable than the night itself.

Comprised of multi-instrumentalist Daniel Presant and former Girls-member Darren Weiss, LA based duo PAPA gave us another slice of exuberant rock. Destined for the radio A-list, ‘Young Rut’ places itself somewhere in between the stadium-pomp of Bruce Springsteen and the brooding anthemics of The National.

Pogoing kick drums ricochet off fragmented staccato bass stabs and crackly lo-fi snares throughout Tampa, Florida vocalist Madeline Priest – aka xPRIESTx’s ‘Samurai’. Underpinned by a chiming wash of oriental synth organs, it’s about as taut an 80s nodding indie-banger as you’ll hear this side of Grimes‘ next record. Elsewhere, Laura Welsh appointed the ever prolific CFCF to transform her neo-soul ballad ‘Cold Front’ into a shimmering dose of Balearic beauty.

Listen to our selection of the week’s best tracks below.