Everyone seems to be loving the new Japandroids album right now, don’t they? And rightly so, it’s pretty great. But who among us dare to admit that they’re kinda just listening to it to gear themselves up for when they next see the band live, to learn all the words in advance for the euphoric moment with beer in one hand, the other fist in the air, screaming every line back at the Vancouver pair?

Well, I’ll be the honest one here then.

Japandroids played two tracks from Celebration Rock on Jimmy Fallon last night, which you can stream below. So now you can experience them live from your very own bedroom, not having to chuck your sweat-drenched, beer-soaked shirt right into the laundry basket immediately afterwards. Well, we hope not anyway.

Oh and Captain Kirk Douglas from The Roots jammed with the duo too.

Watch ‘The House That Heaven Built’:

And then ‘Fire’s Highway’: