Just yesterday, we announced that Desaparecidos were reforming for at least one summer show. We also hazarded a guess that there would be more dates to follow and maybe even some new material in the pipeline.

Well, a lot of other sources seemed to disagree with us – marking it as unlikely that this would be more than a one special event deal.

But I think we can all be happy that we seem to be proven right. Above is a clip from the Conor Oberst-led group’s secret show in Omaha, depicting an unheard song called ‘Left Is Right’.

They also played another new track called ‘Backsell’, along with some older numbers.

The band who formed in 2001, released one album, then disbanded a year later played at the Slowdown venue in their hometown. Photos from the night can be seen here.

An album in the works? We can only hope. Seeing how this week is going, that could very well be announced tomorrow…