What generous souls those Morning Benders are.

After the Japanese disasters, they were quick off the mark releasing Japan Echo, a charity ep full of remixes from people like Wild Nothing and Star Slinger, as well as a new charmer called ‘Better in Blue’.

Singer Chris Chu, who was born in Japan wrote of how the Morning Benders had been scheduled to play their first ever concert in the country in the week after the disasters struck:

“I’ve always had a deep love for the country and its people. I cannot express how sad and helpless I’ve felt reading about everything that is happening there right now, and even though we couldn’t be there, we wanted to do everything we could do to help.”

To donate and download the ep visit http://www.themorningbenders.com/japanecho.html

Listen to ‘Better in Blue’ below.

The Morning Benders – Better In Blue by themorningbenders

If that wasn’t enough, The Morning Benders’ SoundCloud page is now practically heaving under the weight of unheard aural gifts recently uploaded by the Californians.

A set of Bedroom Covers – including versions of tracks by The Cardigans, The Crystals, Paul Simon, The Ronettes and Fleetwood Mac – is a particular high point. Not for musical prowess necessarily, nor because they are very innovative interpretations – they are little more than karaoke versions (albeit particularly beautiful karaoke versions).

It is because it is just cockle-warming, toe-tingly lovely to hear a band so unpretentiously pay homage to the songs they hold dear.

These versions are raw and joyous, and you cannot help but appreciate the wide-eyed love of music that they so clearly express.

Listen to the full Bedroom Covers set below.

Bedroom Covers by themorningbenders