To celebrate their 10th birthday, VICE have compiled a playlist for Best Fit of the tracks that have been getting them through long days and even longer nights – providing a different track for each year of the last decade.

Here are the songs the VICE UK editorial team chose to sum up the last ten years of everyone’s favourite internet love-hate relationship; the songs that have made them dance, cry and puke through their nose, the music that destroyed their very own pub and the only bands that would ever have them wishing they had been born in Southend.

Stream the entire playlist below and check out the reasoning behind their definitive picks:

2002: The Streets – ‘Has It Come to This’

“People credit The Strokes for opening people’s eyes to the fact that the last five years of youth culture had been s**t, but it was actually this track that marked the point where everyone decided to move forwards and make UK music good again. The Streets pretty much owned the next five years, and this was where it started.”

2003: Spiritualized – ‘She Kissed Me And It Felt Like A Hit’

“After Let It Come Down, Jason Pierce threw away his 100-piece orchestra and went back to making garage rock on Amazing Grace. Basically, he’s the greatest songwriter of a generation so you should pay attention when he does anything.

2004: Wiley – ‘Wot Do You Call It?’

“The lead track off Wiley’s album Treadin on Thin Ice, released on XL. The track tried to point out how annoying it was that every music journo in the country was desperately trying to pigeon hole the emerging grime / sub-low / eski / dark garage thing that was at last getting noticed.”

2005: Glass Candy – ‘Life After Sundown’

“Italians Do It Better were in charge of the middle of the decade, but before that label was launched through Troubleman Records, Glass Candy were already bringing out their Italo disco for a whole planet of posers to do glamourous drugs to. It was kind of the most fun ever.”

2006: These New Puritans – ‘Elvis’

“For a weird period Southend was the centre of the planet. On one side you had The Horrors and on the other were these guys. They’d both go on to record incredible music down the line, but the version of this which came out on an EP on Angular Records back in 2006 was also incredible.”

2007: Black Lips – ‘Bad Kids’

“They’re VICE’s favourite band. Which is why we signed them to our label. If you’ve never seen them live, or got drunk with them, or made a documentary with them where they get chased out of India for getting gay on stage, then YOU ARE MISSING OUT.”

2008: Fucked Up – ‘Year of The Pig’

“These guys have destroyed our pub, the Old Blue Last, about five times – including their first set at which VICE’s then-deputy editor James Knight broke his leg in the mosh pit. But it’s more important that they were releasing epic 18-minute hardcore records which changed everything.”

2009: The Horrors – ‘Sea Within A Sea’

“Everyone with a brain knew that The Horrors were one of the best bands around, a group of record obsessives who were going to end up a long way from the schlock garage they began with. When this song preceded the Primary Colours album, everyone else realised something great was happening. “

2010: Rick Ross - ’B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast)’

“Everyone’s favourite cuddly correctional officer turned rapper, Rick Ross scored a smash with the gloriously ignorant ‘B.M.F’, the second single from his album Teflon Don. The magical combination of Ross grunting “I THINK I’M BIG MEECH” and producer Lex Luger’s hysteria-laced rising synths brought mosh pits to 2010′s hip-hop nights.”

2011: A$AP Rocky – ‘Wassup’

“A$AP was our favourite rapper of 2011. So much so that we made the video for his track ‘Wassup’, directed by our Global Editor Andy Capper, and complete with satanic circles, Ferraris, dobermans and girls getting off in the shower. “

2012: Popcaan – ‘The System’

“Vybz Kartel’s former protege is kind of the biggest thing in dancehall in 2012. Which is kind of the best thing in 2012. Which is supposed to be the last year in history, so this is pretty much Planet Earth’s outro music.”

VICE’s 10th birthday party is hosted at Cable in London this Thursday (29 November), with live sets from Crystal Castles, Wiley, Danny Brown & more, plus Actress, Mark Ronson and Klaxons DJing.