Little is known about Swedish duo The Serenades – they are a Scandinavian mystery - like Wallander.

However where Wallander is a misanthropic, flawed but brilliant detective, The Serenades appear to be a couple of lovely, pop purveyors who make world-brightening, swooning loveliness. Well if ‘Birds’ is anything to go by – and it seems to be the ONLY thing to go by.

‘Birds’ is epic pop – lushly orchestrated, but with clever producing keeping it thoroughly modern. There is an impressive balancing act between the strings which want to soar and the clipped, regimented drums which keep it grounded.

The big sound – which remains from beginning to end – never feels difficult or excessive. There is also an earnestness, perhaps most heard in the vocals, which provides the perfect counterpoint to the grandiose orchestration.

For a band that appears to have come in quietly through the side door, they’re certainly making a bang. Here’s hoping there’s more to come.

The Serenades – Birds by TLOBF