Boy, isn’t everyone just absolutely starving for winter to end? Toronto songstress Lowell clearly is no exception as she’s yearning for palm trees and sunscreen-smudged kisses on her latest single, “Palm Trees”.

The song is a suitably dewy, dreamy affair, kicking off with circus-like synths and glazed through with Lowell’s dream-pop guitars and vocals. It’s damn near the aural equivalent of a stroll down the boardwalk: cute and charming, while at the same time emitting a whiff of the eerie.

The money shot here is halfway through, where Lowell punches in with a double-time, spiraling guitar line that she juxtaposes her sweetly wistful vocals over. She ultimately reverts back to the dream pop, but cleverly pushes her guitar line to the back to retain those stimulating competing textures.

Lowell isn’t just a musician, folks; she directed this video as well, which visually conveys the hazy and, at times, unsettling sweetness of the tune. And what other dance could be more perfect here than the teetering hippy moves she busts out at the midway point, and how novel is her use of a bum close up for a projection screen?

Like seemingly every other musician on Earth, Lowell can be seen at SXSW all next week and her debut EP, I Killed Sara V, is out now on Arts & Crafts.