Minneapolis-based folk trio Web Of Sunsets presents the dusty, delicate “Wildflowers”, premiering today on Best Fit.

BEST FIT PREMIEREWeb of Sunsets formed in 2012 as an outlet for Sara Bischoff, Sarah Nienaber and Chris Rose to explore their self-described “acid country” tendencies as a separate venture from their involvement in local acts Robust Worlds and Heavy Deeds, among others.

Their primarily acoustic sound is steeped in a haze of heady nostalgia, heightened by cozy reverb and the absence of percussion. The deliciously sleepy, spacious atmosphere of the song will receive a warm welcome from listeners entranced by the gentle psychedelia of Mazzy Star or Widowspeak’s sun-drenched folk fuzz.

“Wildflowers” is the first cut from the band’s upcoming full-length debut, Room of Monsters. The LP, tracked live in a single day, is slated for release on 18 February via End of Time Records.