Often the best pop songs are steeped in melancholy, but written by some of the greatest of dreamers of all. Freelance filmmaker and composer, Samuel Aaron Bennett, aka Wales may just prove to be one of them, but with a much sunnier disposition.

Constructing beautiful harmonies that wiggle and sigh while subtle trumpet notes and tambourine claps add a layer of texture to his single, ‘Go’, Wales bleeds pop melodies through a grey lined veil that glimmers when held up to the light. Couple that with this carefully crafted heaviness, like the moon exhaling among a sea of stars that creates this lovely rippling effect, that you get on ‘Still Gone’.

We have to admit, the Brooklyn singer draws some excitable similarities to SOHN on his two singles, but we’ll hold off on making too strong a comparison for now. Instead, think hints of Bright Eyes sentiment sprinkled atop Hundred Waters aesthetic, and a dusting of this dramatic, not-quite-folk sound. Magically heartbreaking.

Hat tip to Crack In The Road for putting us onto Wales.