Well, 2014, you’ve already delivered on the music front. Here’s our pick of the best new music from the past seven days.

London crooner Kwabs teamed up once more with Vienna-based producer SOHN and the results were startling. Where the earthy vocal gushes of “Last Stand” were a welcome listen for fans of either, “Wrong or Right” has the potential to reach a much wider audience. SOHN’s impossibly crisp production nicely heats up Kwabs’ vocals, allowing them to soar above the track’s huge digital flames.

This week also saw the return of Watford songstress Kyla La Grange and arguably her most assured track to date. “Cut Your Teeth” hears dubby bass throbs and cold harmonies cut through ghostly wah-oohs and synths, suggesting a new direction for the artist who’s set to release her second album this spring.

Whilst Kwabs and La Grange made their sweet returns, London newcomerMolly Beanland dropped her stunning debut track. We were lucky enough to premiere the 80s dream-pop-indebted, “Night Dreams” – three minutes of sparkle synths, echoing guitars and Ms Beanland’s sumptuous vocal. Fan of Cocteau Twins? Tune in.

Liverpool artist Lapsley’s minimalist, pitch-dropped track “Station” was one of the most powerfully understated tracks we’d heard in months. Contemplative, beautiful and very original. Amazing to think she’s just 17, too..

Last up, Dublin quintet Girl Band unveiled their incredible ode to noise, “Lawman”. An “anti-single” bursting at the seams with industrial beats, nasty guitars and other noises we dare not decipher, “Lawman” is brave, ballsy and utterly brilliant.

Listen to our selection of the week’s best tracks below: