A lazy daydream of layers upon layers of bubbly distortion coupled with a lyrical prowess that skips across the strings of your heart like a stone along the serene waters’ surface, these are just a few of the components lending to The Slow Revolt’s wonderfully refreshing sound.

The Slow Revolt’s debut single, ‘This Dark Matter’ is like looking at one’s own reflection in the shallow water of a gurgling creek. Singer and producer, Joe Mirza leaks colorful soundscapes onto muted, rippling images blending them together with a fluidity that hurriedly drifts along, ensuring the sunlight hits just right.

Synth-kissed effects bounce off the light in the form of sparkling xylophone notes and soulful electronic sonnets, all wrapped up in Mirza’s disarming vocals. Think Jamie Lidell performing underwater, on the sunniest of afternoons. We fall harder for The Slow Revolt with every listen, you will too. If you’re in London, The Slow Revolt plays Hoxton Bar on 6th February.

The Slow Revolt’s debut EP, This Dark Matter, is out today via producer, Raffertie’s new label, Pavilion.